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Westfield, East Sussex

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From horses to stick insects, I’ve owned them all! But my greatest love of all is for dogs. My friends say, “my kids have paws!”

Originally working as airline crew, I opted to switch my attention from holiday makers to canine customers, and started my initial training in 2015, advancing to level 3 in January 2018.

I now run a small grooming salon, based in a dedicated air conditioned and heated log cabin over looking our peaceful garden, surrounded by fields.
I operate on a one to one basis, slowly building trust with your dog right from introduction, to bathing/drying and grooming.

I offer a range of natural shampoos, and the water I use is softened and filtered, perfect for dry/sensitive skin.

Furthermore, I’m a big believer in feeding dogs the best possible diet. After all, I want my own 4 pooches to live as long as possible! For this reason, I am also a stockist of raw food and treats, offering a free local delivery service.

Without the restriction of a high street shop and enjoying shift work, I happily offer evening and weekend appointments to fit in around you.
Please feel free to contact me via email/call/txt, or check out my Facebook page (GB Dog Grooming) to discuss your individual needs.



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  • Sandra Wheeler

    Callie is a rescue dog and is very nervous it she needed to be groomed. Cannot believe I found this amazing groomer (Gemma). My dog always runs away from me when sees her brush, but Gemma seemed to have a magical touch. Callie was completely at ease and chilled. She looked amazing when Gemma had finished doing a hand strip on her, cannot believe the difference.

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