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I am absolutely dog crazy, you know, one of those people who see a dog in the street and say 'Ooohh my goodness, just look how cute!'. My life has revolved around dogs for many years, since around the age of 14 when we rehomed our first rescue dog. Having rescued another 3 since then, I've always been hands on with walking, training etc throughout my teens. I never really knew I wanted to work with dogs as a career until I helped out at the rescue centre our current rescues came from. It opened my eyes and made me realise I wanted to make a difference somehow. I wanted to free dogs of their pain and discomfort with their matted coats and I wanted to let the dogs know I really do care. I looked more into a grooming career to start off and have since been involved in behavioural work with dogs as well, understanding them more. So rather than just working with dogs.. I actually work WITH the dogs, I listen and understand them. Most of my grooming involves pet grooms, easy maintenance for their owners and dogs with quirks that need a bit more time at the groomers than others. 

Dog grooming has taken over my whole life and I absolutely wouldn't have it any other way. 

About me more personally, I enjoy getting tattoos (and admiring other's work too!), spending time with my long term boyfriend - shopping, eating, the usual! Listening to alternative music like rock and metal as well as going to live gigs, theatre shows etc. 


  • cathy vincent

    Melissa is amazing, she is fantastic with Cookie, our 7 year old Chi. Cookie has lots of medical conditions and allergies and I have to be super careful with who is involved in his care. From the moment we met Melissa, Cookie settled right in with her, she took her time to get to know him and she treats him as an individual. Sometimes, he can get a bit grumpy if his allergies are playing up and she is so gentle, so kind with him and makes him feel settled and happy. We are so grateful to her and would never take him anywhere else. Thank you Melissa for being amazing. x

  • Krista Mansfield

    Melissa is absolutely fantastic. Our dog has never been that keen on the groomers - after a vet cut most of his quicks in one appt! Mel has shown so much love and patience towards Bear at his grooms and has taken things slowly with his feet to gain his trust. He is always so happy to see her. His groom is always spot on and Melissa always asks us how we would like him cut that day. The attention to detail in the groom is amazing. Every part of him looks so neat and tidy. He comes out from his groom happy, and looking fabulous!

  • Jessica Powell

    Mel has been absolutely fantastic with my two. Not only was she the rescuer of my beautiful girl but when my previous groomer moved away she has taken the time to gain my little boys trust. She goes above and beyond to open late, so social sessions with him and make him feel Comfortable. She continues to work with him and he is so happy to go see her. And my girl always gives her a big thank you for her new start whenever she sees Mel. Mel is truly skilled and wonderful. Best groomer around!

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