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Love Dogs by name..Love Dogs by nature
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Newark, Nottingham

About me

Love Dogs is a family run business founded from a lifelong passion for Dogs. Having rescued many dogs myself, I specialise in working with nervous and anxious dogs. The most important aspect of my grooming is the dogs welfare. Every dog is treated with respect, patience and understanding. Our home salon is in a newly converted barn in a beautiful and tranquil rural area equipped with top of the range equipment and quality products.
It is important to me to improve my knowledge and quality of grooming by regularly attending seminars, workshops and competitions.
Canine psychology and behaviour interest me greatly and I try to incorporate my understanding of why dogs behave the way they do to the way I groom.
Having recently been placed 2nd in my class at Premier Groom, it has driven me more to compete and progress. I don’t want to be a good groomer, I want to be a GREAT groomer!


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