Lisa Stones

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Give the Dog a Groom


Worthing, West Sussex

About me

How did I end up doing what I love?

When I left school I had always wanted to work with dogs. However, like many I decided I did not want to stay in education and study; strange, as I really do enjoy learning and studying now.

I got an office job that was 'only going to be for a year' then I would have a holiday and go and work with dogs. Well that year turned into 23 years and 5 months and a very rewarding career in Learning and Development but in 2015/16 I managed to engineer a plan that I was hoping would lead to me fulfilling my ambition of working with dogs, whilst raising two (then young) son's, running a family home, looking after our two dogs and working full time to achieve my goals.

In early 2016 I enrolled on the first of the three dog grooming courses that I have completed. During that time I have met some truly amazing and inspirational people in the industry, that like me want nothing but the best for the dogs in their care.

Since that first class to achieving my City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma, I have never looked back. I am excited about the second career ahead of me and meeting yet more amazing and inspirational customers, their dogs and people in the industry. I look forward to continuously learning and developing as my first career taught me, that 'no one is the finished article'.

Here at Give the Dog a Groom I work in my home for all dog grooming on a 1:2:1 in my fully equipped salon. I pride myself on health and safety for both dogs and humans; this is second nature having worked and trained in a highly regulated industry for over two decades.


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