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Linky’s Pet Parlour


Dartford, Kent

About me

I completed my training at a multi-award-winning grooming academy located in Chiswick London, and received my OCN West Midlands Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming in 2019.

I discovered my passion for dog grooming when I brought home my first dog, a Poochon named Link. Grooming has completely changed my life; I had always wanted to work with animals and could not be happier to fulfil this dream.

In March 2021, I opened my very own dog grooming parlour and am so pleased to be able to create an environment which is centered around animal welfare, comfort, safety, and well-being. I believe that all dogs should be treated individually and with respect; there is nothing more important to me than working compassionately, with patience, and the understanding that every dog has their own personality, triggers, and fears. The best proof of love is trust, and that's the ultimate goal with every one of my four-legged clients.

I specialise in one-to-one grooming, asian-fusion grooming, and working holistically with small and medium-sized breeds.

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