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My passion is dogs dogs dogs xx
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About me

Hey Everyone, my name is Ky and I have been a groomer for 7 years.

I started off in 2015 training in a parlour for 12 months and passed my 1st diploma. I then went on to open my first parlour in 2016. By 2018 I opened the doors to my second parlour and in 2019 the doors to No.3 opened. 

I love what I do every day and wouldn't change it for the world. I have fostered and rescued dogs over the years and have 7 myself.

I am an Internationally Certified Master Groomer, Reiki practitioner, pet first aider and grooming school trainer.

I specialise with elderly, nervous, aggressive, disabled pets and never turn a dog away. I love all dogs but I work with alot of big dogs and rescue dogs.

I am also the first ICMG training school in the South East. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.


  • Emma Rogers

    Highly recommended!

  • Sarah Rodger

    I wouldn't take my dog Teddy to any other groomer!! Ky is so supportive and is full of knowledge. She absolutely loves all the pets she grooms and you can see her passion for her craft. If you use her you know you will recieve the best service possible and that your pet is in safe hands!

  • Michelle Wray

    You know your pet is in safe hands when you go to Ky. You can see her passion and you know she loves every pet that comes through her door. I wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else.

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