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Hi, My name is Jacqueline, I have been grooming for 3 years, I trained at Houghal College Durham.

I own Bruno the cockapoo. I've always wanted schnauzer or cocker spaniel. My favourite dog to groom is Schnauzer & Cockapoo.

I am passionate about grooming and education and regularly attend seminars.

I have completed a Pet First Aid course.

My greatest industry achievement is My greatest grooming achievement was eventually giving a pug/shitzu cross a full groom. Sydney is the most wriggly, flighty, little dog I’ve ever had, he would never let me go anywhere near his face. Then after a whole year of grooming him he just thought ok go on then you can use scissors around my face. Patience and perseverance paid off. He’s not the prettiest dog, but he makes up with his cheeky personality.

Thank you for reading my profile and I look forward to meeting you and your dogs soon.


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