Emma Smith

Spotlight Registered: 4 November 2018
Email: contact@groomingtails.org.uk
Booking Line: 01457837858

About me

Hi my name is Emma Smith. In 2014 I left my job in social services to follow my dream of becoming a Dog Groomer. I went to train with Alison Rogers, one of the top groomers in the UK. This was an amazing experience and I completed my professional diploma and I’m now City & Guilds level 3 fully qualified. This experience left me wanting more and I continue to regularly attend seminars, workshops and dog shows to ensure my knowledge, skills, techniques and approach to my canine clients is the best it can be.
Wanting to improve my scissoring skills led to an amazing addition to my family, a black Standard Poodle called Remi (Parcheeni Secret Romance). His breeder Carol Hutchins has been a massive support and inspiration with her guidance myself and Remi have had a fabulous journey together competing regularly at dog shows and qualifying for Crufts three years in a row. This experience has given me an eye for detail and I love scissoring and the wool coat.
I’ve been passionate about dogs my whole life, as a child I was brought up with large breeds including Rottweilers and German Shepherds. I have always enjoyed building relationships with dogs. Today in my salon I continue to work hard creating that all important relationship and environment especially with dogs that require that extra understanding.
Please give the salon a call to discuss your dogs needs, big and small we love them all!



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