Emma Steadman (11)

Spotlight Registered: 5 November 2018
Email: doggroomingbude@gmail.com
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Dogs Of Great Style


Bude, North Cornwall


About me

I started my working life as a Dental Nurse, so a very different role to now! From having 2 family pet dogs Nelson and Misty, fate had it that I was offered a life changing opportunity. Not that I knew it at the time but I helped out with the dogs then groomer with one wriggly Nelsons nails, it was my handling skills at that time that lead to her offering me a roll as a groomer with the intention of me taking over the salon after a year! This was on the condition I went and got formally trained.
Training was an amazing experience and I had a taste of the #forcefree methods available. It was this amazing schools ethos on #restraintfreegrooming which has given me such a drive for always working with the dogs, at the dogs pace. Regardless of the owners wishes at times, but the dogs opinion comes first. Dogs welfare can be taken in to account many ways, from having water always available to refusing to brush out matting. It is in the trust building between myself and each and every dog I groom that creates the choice of style and look then available (and this takes time and sometimes many appointments).
With a need to understand dogs behaviour and a want to understand their psychology I have enrolled myself onto my next Diploma! I am working towards a diploma with the ISCP that’s the International School of Psychology and Behaviour.



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  • Susie Currie

    Emma is professional at all times but also understands my rescue dog and how to handle him in order to get the best out of him at his own pace building trust with him. Thoroughly recommend Emma

  • Liz Gliddon

    Emma is just lovely with my elderly Airedale who's now getting a bit wobbly on the pins and needs a quick tidy.

  • Cheryl Wheway

    Emma not only is great at styling dogs, she cares about their welfare, and is always available to give advice both at her salon and on her Facebook page.

  • Clare Lee

    Emma is a first rate groomer, even for my nervous neurotic terrier. Would highly recommend her and just wish we lived closer now that we could go on using her services !

  • Jan Anson

    Emma took two scruffy scatty Cockers and turned them into creatures of beauty with a much more manageable coat. She regularly advises me on caring for my cockers and is always friendly and helpful. My dogs love going to see Emma, and I would highly reccomend Dog OF Great Style to anyone who loves their doggy companion..

  • Beverley Tree

    Emma is a marvellous,caring and gentle groomer. We have had our Poppy groomed by her ,since she started her business. She is kind and helps with tips to look after our dogs I always recommend her to people. There are lots of Groomers now, especially with so many Poodle crosses, but they are not the same as Emma. She is such a natural and has exceptionally high standards. I would never go to anyone else. ( We love her flowers! We all know who has been to see her !)

  • Karen Baldwin

    Emma is very professional and it is obvious she loves dogs. Alfie is quite nervous and she takes time to get their trust and she does a fantastic job of making the experience as stress free as possible. He always comes back looking and smelling great. She also gives good advice regarding any issues or concerns you may have. Five stars from Alfie and me

  • Jo Goode

    Emma is a first class groomer. Very patient and gentle with my anxious dog making everything as stress-free as possible. She's also great with tips and advice on all manner of things. I would highly recommend Emma!

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