Poochon (Poodle x Bichon)

Breed History / Description

Poochons are a crossed between a pedigree Bichon Frise and a purebred Miniature Poodle, although sometimes a Toy Poodle may be used in a breeding programme. Since these little dogs first appeared on the scene back in the nineties, they have become one of the most popular modern cross breeds to have appeared on the scene and for good reason. The Poochon has inherited the intelligence of their parent breeds and they have also inherited their charming looks and loyal, affectionate natures too which in short, means they make wonderful companions and family pets in a household where the children are slightly older.

Poochons are also very social little dogs and they tend to get on with other animals and being so smart and eager to please, in the right hands and environment they are easy to train and learn new things very quickly. They love being entertained and to entertain their owners which is why they have become such popular companions and family pets in the UK and elsewhere in the world.


Affectionate, Playful and Outgoing


Lively, Energetic and Intelligent 


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