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About me

Qualified for the advanced City & Guild Diploma with Julie Harris. Legendary trainer in the grooming industry. We support local dog charities. We raise money for the Siberian Grey Wolf and work closely with The Aspinall Foundation.
We have a team of experienced dog washers and groomers all waiting to pamper your pet.
Our large salon is bright and airy allowing your pets lots of comfort and relaxation.



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  • Jessica Baker

    Thanks again to Debbie and Kirsty for keeping Dolly clean and tidy every month. It's always so welcoming and Dolly loves coming for her monthly pampering!

  • Bettina Walker

    My Persian cat Delilah needs regular attention and Debs is so wonderful with her and they have a mutual love! Debs is kind and very attentive and diligent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for grooming. My Cavalier King Charles Oakley also goes for regular grooming and always comes away looking gorgeous and both animals are relaxed and happy. Couldn’t recommend this groomer more!

  • Pauline Martin

    Tinkerbel & Max loves going to see Debs & Kirsty at the Groomers,come back looking & smelling fantastic. Happy doggy's happy me :)

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank all for these lovely comments. We love having visits from furry friends

  • Emma Gartside

    Bob’s first visit following a recommendation- Deborah was so gentle and thoughtful with him - really appreciated her patience and determination to get it just right and gain his confidence - Thank you

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you Emma. We will love Bob and look after him.

  • Sandy Broughton

    Tesia has been coming to Deborah for over 5 years now. There is nowhere else I would take her. She pampers her as if she were her own. Many thanks Deborah for a fantastic job.

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you Sandy. We love her.

  • david ilott

    Having had a very bad experience at her last groomers which left Willow wanting to run a mile at the sound of a hair dryer, Deborah and Kirsty have made Willow more relaxed with there patience,love and kindness . Willow is always treated as one of their own pets i couldn't thank them enough

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you Dave. We love Willow.

  • Angela Ward

    Heartfelt thanks to Debs and Kirsty for taking such kind and loving care of my Archie. He has to come weekly because of his skin condition, I only have to say bath day and he is waiting at the door, I am not sure who spoils him most! He always looks perfect xx

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you Angela we love it when he comes in for bubbles and cuddles

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you Angela we love it when he comes in for bubbles and cuddles

  • Catherine Ashdown

    Thank you to Debbie and Kirsty for taking such good care . Above and beyond the call of duty for both of you... as always.

  • Lisa Meakings

    I have had the pleasure of being invited to work alongside debs and Kirsty. I can honestly say that each and every pet that comes through the door is loved and cherished. Both ladies are dog owners themselves and has made me very welcome. All dogs and cats that come here are very lucky indeed

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you Catherine we appreciate your trust. And we live your little doglets

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you Lisa we love having you

  • Deborah Hill

    My sister travels all the way from Lancashire so that Mary dog can come to be groomed by Debs.

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you deborah we love it when she comes in for a pamper

  • Dom Graham

    My Border Terrier, Purdey, really enjoys her visits to Debs. She always does an excellent job and Purdey always looks years younger than her age.

  • Gemma Martin

    Amazing place :-) Tyson loved his visit will definitely go back thanks so much Kirsty and Debbie x

  • David Fallan

    Thankyou so much for the tidy up on our german shepherd Max. Will continue to use you in the future as you made Max feel so at ease.

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you for all your comments.

  • Sabina Monteys-Fullam

    Debbie makes our dogs feel so happy and welcome !!! She and her team transform our dogs from street to salon chic with the most wonderful care and attention. They have a complete understanding of not only the anatomy and styles of cut, but a real insight into all dogs personalities and character traits. I couldn’t recommend Debbie and her team highly enough. Fantastic care and service for our lovely furry friends ❤️

  • Jenny Reeves

    A wonderful environment and loving team to pamper your beloved pet. Our boy returns happy, very handsome and smart plus he smells delicious. Many thanks Debbie and Kirsty for looking after Roly so well, he loves you both.

  • Michelle Caldwell

    Minnie has been going to Debbie since she was 6 months old. She looks beautiful after her visits to the salon and her cut lasts the full four weeks. We will never go anywhere else and the drive is worth it. Thank you Debbie ,Kirsty and your team. Xxx

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you all so much for sharing your ki

  • Deborah Whigham

    Nd thoughts about me and my team

  • Tanya Parker

    Our two ‘free spirited’ Welsh Terriers visited for a groom whilst staying with their Grandma on holiday in the area! Not only did they look great, they didn’t bite anyone (hard!) and we got some great advice on how to look after their coats. Debs even Went out of her way to recommend a groomer local to us. Despite this recommendation however, we were so impressed with how the dogs looked and how they were looked after by the team at Barking Beauties, that we are travelling back from our home in Gloucestershire next month just to have them groomed again! Thanks so much.

  • Ella Rimmer

    Debbie is the most wonderful dog groomer and has looked after our dog Kenzie all her life! She does an amazing job and I would thoroughly recommend Debbie to anyone

  • Simon Rimmer

    I would thoroughly recommend Debbie as a dog groomer. She always takes great care with my dog - I've just got a new puppy and I cannot wait to take her down to meet Debbie very soon!!!

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you Rimmer family for your kind comments

  • Emily Stones

    I have only wonderful words to say about Debbie and her dog grooming. She immediately put my slightly nervous Labradoodle at ease. Her knowledge and skills mean he always beautifully groomed and delighted to see Debs xx Dora ( the cockerpoo) is looking forward to her first puppy cut xx If you are looking for expertise combined with kindness / look no further - Debbie is your woman

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you Emily x

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you Tanya we are very flattered you're all coming back from Gloucestershire to see us.

  • Katherine Goody

    Best groomers in town. Fantastic groom and lots of love. Charlie and Teddy love you guys xxx

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you Katherine we love them lots

  • Barbara Hudgell

    Very caring, professional and helpful. Thank you for looking after us so well. Barbara and Tammy xx

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you for trusting his Barbara

  • Jasper Knight

    Purdey just loves her visits to you Debs, she feels like a new irl afterwards. xxx

  • Jasper Knight

    Purdey just loves her visits to you Debs, she feels like a new irl afterwards. xxx

  • Jasper Knight

    I mean girl!

  • Wendy Skinner

    Harvey and Lucky love going to Barking Beauties. They always come back looking and smelling great.

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you so much everyone

  • Tanya Wenham

    My boys always love coming to see you for a pamper and I know they are always well looked after and loved. Thank you

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments they have really touched me actually. Normally it is the cats and dogs that touch my soul. So thank you all. Without you coming to us with your furry friends life would be a little empty.

  • Carole Mounce

    Hi Debs and Kirsty Monty sends his love as do I looking forward to seeing you again soon for another wonderful pampering session!

  • Jose Walters

    Debs is great with my dog - normally she hates having a bath but is calm with Debs. Can't wait to bring the new puppy to Debs loving care

  • Julia Head

    Having moved very recently to Bridge from Whitstable, I was very keen to find my 2 Cavaliers a new doggy groomer to settle in to fast! A friend living in this area straight away recommended Barking Beauties in Barham. The eldest is 12 years old, and has always suffered separation anxiety. He lives on his nerves, making him seem much younger than his years! But i needn't have worried. They were both wagging their tails within minutes of entering the salon, and even better, when i returned 2 hours later, they not only looked beautiful, they were even more relaxed than when i left them! I have already booked them in for 8 weeks time. Thankyou Deborah and Kirsty for the warm welcome and kindness shown to us all today at Barking Beauties.

  • Deborah Whigham

    You are very welcome Julia. We loved having them here

  • Joyce Morander

    Our Scottish Terrier, Douglas, enjoys his regular grooming visits to Barking Beauties. Caring, professional service at all times. Thanks to Debbie and her team!

  • Kevin Maddy

    Our English Springer Sharpe is not the easiest of old boys, but Debbie has loved him and made him feel very safe and welcome for his visits. We are very pleased with the service that he, and we, receive and I would highly recommend Barking Beauties to everyone. Well done Debs and Kirsty, and sorry that Sharpe is a bit grumpy - like his dad!

  • Deborah Griffiths

    Gracie loves her regular trip to Barking Beauties each month and always comes home happy and looking great! I'm always grateful to Deborah and her team for looking after Gracie and doing such a good job of keeping her looking so well groomed and cute!

  • Deborah Whigham

    Thank you for all your comments.

  • This user has been deleted

    My Lhasa Apso Dudley has been visiting Debbie and the team for over 5 years and he always looks beautiful after one his spa days! Not only does he look great though but he always seems so at incredibly happy and at ease in the salon. Thank you so MUCH team Barking Beauties!

  • This user has been deleted

    My Lhasa Apso Dudley has been visiting Debbie and the team for over 5 years and he always looks beautiful after one his spa days! Not only does he look great though but he always seems so at incredibly happy and at ease in the salon. Thank you so MUCH team Barking Beauties!

  • Sabina Monteys-Fullam

    Debbie and her team always take so much time and care in what they do. They are in a league of their own and I couldn’t recommend them enough!!! ❤️

  • Sarah Baker

    Monty has been coming to Barker no Beauties for nearly 5 years. He is a very anxious dog but he is so well looked after and pampered by all. We love it when he comes back looking like a baby lamb! Thank you for looking after our fluffy pup!

  • Rosemary Wheeler

    Many thanks to Debs, Kirsty and the whole team for all their hard work with Rory our Standard Poodle. He became very anxious after being attacked by another dog last year, but everyone has been very patient and caring and he's made excellent progress. He now loves his trips to the Groomers, and clearly gets lots of love in return, always coming back happy and looking great. Highly recommended.

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