Clare Osmond (6)
Booking Line: 07771 171900
Clare's Dog Grooming Salon

15 November 2017

Deal, Kent

About me

I studied for approximately 2 years at Hadlow College Grooming School and achieved the City & Guilds Diploma for Professional Dog Stylists. BBC2 featured Hadlow Grooming School on a programme and labelled it "the best dog grooming school in England", I am proud to have achieved my qualifications there under the excellent tutelage of Julie Harris and Belinda Morris. I have recently opened my own salon where I work with one dog at a time and as such, the environment is one of calmness which can help the more nervous dogs settle into a grooming routine. I have an Ozone Spa bathing system which has many health benefits for your dog, including easing Arthritic joints, assisting the healing process of skin conditions and cleaning deep into your dogs coat, therefore removing more ingrained dirt. I also provide teeth cleaning appointments using an ultrasound tooth brush. There is no movement required of the brush, and no noise emitted so this means the dogs are very accepting of this process. The ultrasound waves kill bacteria so gum health and breath is improved, and also tartar is broken down and removed over a number of sessions. No sedation is required so this is a huge benefit to the older dog suffering with bad teeth or gums, or indeed breath. Once the tartar has been removed, a maintenance programme can be booked. I can provide advice on caring for your dog's coat which can in turn reduce the time your dog spends at the salon, and if booked regularly, potentially reduce the cost. I regularly attend industry seminars and workshops which enables me to keep up to date with trends and techniques. I have a handsome Show Cocker Spaniel called Joey who is my constant companion and model! If you and your dog would like to arrange a consultation or appointment, I would be pleased to meet you.




  • yvonne goode

    Excellent service and Ozone spa prefect for my Labrador who has joint problems. Very impressed with the overall service.

  • Graham Martin

    Took my 5 month old Yorkshire terrier to claire and she was absolutely fantastic with him! Claire made him extremely comfortable and before grooming him watched his reaction to the clippers etc ensuring he was comfortable and not distressed. Excellent setup and extremely clean and calm surroundings. Did an amazing job for his first cut and will definitely recommend and return in the future.

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